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It's occurred to me recently that in my forty-odd years on this planet I've been to a few places and done a few things that some people might find vaguely interesting. So I figured that I may as well inflict a few of those on any poor unsuspecting souls that stumble across this page. I may add to this list from time to time as I recall things.

Google Earth Monks is something that a few people have found amusing. It has a homepage here.

I'm Australian, but I've lived in Singapore for the past ~567 years. I work for a company that does, er.. stuff. I used to manage their NOC, but now I do other stuff. It's kinda fun.

I'm not a professional programmer by any stretch of the imagination. I'm more what you would term a Perl enthusiast. Which of course means that I know just enough to be dangerous :)

Apart from being addicted to Perlmonks, I also devour Perl books. These are the ones I currently own:

(I've bought 4 or 5 about a dozen more since I compiled this list, and I'll add them in when I get sufficiently motivated).

One day I'd like to become a CPAN author. I'm not yet, because: