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Caveat: Perl6::Form uses filters (by way of Perl6::Export) and requires Perl 5.8. Filters are generally seen as unfit for production code, and many people still use Perl 5.6.

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Re^3: About Tabbed Printing
by robin (Chaplain) on Dec 12, 2005 at 16:29 UTC
    It's certainly true that Perl6::Form only works with Perl 5.8 and later, so you can't use it if you're still on 5.6.

    But I think your concern about source filtering is misplaced in this instance. Perl6::Form doesn't use a source filter on your code - it uses it on its own code. The problem with source filters that attempt to add syntax to Perl is that they will never parse the language completely accurately, and so will misbehave on certain code. (That's why is unreliable, for example.) In this case, the code that's being filtered is the source code of Perl6::Form, which obviously won't change, and has been verified to work with the Perl6::Export filter.

      Thanks for clarifying. I must admit I only looked quickly.