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Thanks for the pointer.
I am now building myself (I hope) a local 'ppm' repository.
Having downloaded one ZIP file and unzipped it I see that I get a 'ppd' file in my top directory plus a '.tar.gz' file in a subdirectory.
The README tells me I just have to run 'ppm' in the top directory.
Logic (an uncertain tool) suggests that if I download all the ZIP files to a directory, unzip them all then delete the zip files (or unzip to a different target directory) I should then have a local 'ppm' repository.
We shall see.
Now wondering why there isn't a download of 'all modules'; perhaps I just haven't found it yet.
Could there be a 'ppm::mini' to match 'CPAN::mini'?

Thanks for all the help so far
Dave R

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Re^3: Installing CPAN modules without using 'ppm'
by veeruch (Sexton) on Jul 03, 2006 at 15:38 UTC
    yes iam having same problem while installing .ihave created local repo +sitory .but i downloaded from +ath-Pari.tar.gz but i could find any ppd please tell where i can download find the Math::Pari

      if you look at the top of the topic you will find a link to the ActiveState FTP repository.
      From there you get a ZIP file which contains both the 'ppd' file and the 'tar.gz' file.
      Unzip this, then use 'ppm' to install.


      Dave R