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I am not a regular Perl user so I cut and paste to get what I need done and uploading a file is the most advanced thing I have tried to do. There is already a web page on my site that uploads files so I have put together what I need and do not understand why it doesn't work. Another 5 hours of banging my head won't help any more than the first 5 hours. Below is the essentials of what I am doing. The file upload.cgi puts out the form that calls upload_proc.cgi. upload_proc.cgi includes a package containing a subroutine get_file to do the actual upload. I don't touch and it's subroutine get_file is used by other programs (the ones I cut and pasted from). I have two identical files one called filename and the other called filename.csv. I select the file with no extension, click the Upload button, and get an error from the get_file subroutine - CGI nodata(C:\temp\filename).
#this is a stripped down version of the code #no colors, no fonts, no extra input buttons #--------------------------------------- #this is part of <upload.cgi> which outputs the #the form and makes the call to upload_proc.cgi #when the Upload button is clicked #--------------------------------------- <form action="upload_proc.cgi" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-d +ata"> <center> <table border = 5 cellpadding="5"> <tr><th>Data Upload</th></tr> <tr><td><input type=file name=file_data accept=\"*\"></td></tr> <tr><td><input type=submit name=submit value="Upload">&nbsp;&nbsp; +==&gt;&gt;</td></tr> </table> </center> </form> #--------------------------------------- #end of partial upload.cgi #--------------------------------------- #--------------------------------------- #this is the stripped down <upload_proc.cgi> #--------------------------------------- #!/usr/bin/perl use utf8; use encoding "utf-8"; use CGI; use Bos::util qw($dbh); use Text::CSV; use strict; Bos::util::db_connect(); my $user = Bos::util::authenticate("COOKIE","COOKIE"); Bos::util::auth_error($user); if ($user->{'Type'} ne "B") { Bos::util::user_error("<center>Access denied.<br>Your account is n +ot authorized for this function.</center>"); } my $query; my $sth; my $myrow; my $cgi = Bos::util::cgi_query(); if( $cgi->param('submit') eq "Upload" ) { Bos::util::send_header("New Data Results", ""); chdir( "/ccshome/www/customer_data_upload" ) or die; #permissions + are 1777 on this folder my $new_file_data = upload_file($cgi->param('file_data')); } Bos::util::send_footer; #--------------------------------------- #this is the <sub upload_file> that is in upload_proc.cgi #--------------------------------------- sub upload_file { my $filename = shift; return Bos::util::get_file($filename); } #--------------------------------------- #end of upload_proc.cgi #--------------------------------------- #--------------------------------------- #this is the <sub Bos::util::get_file> #extracted from the #used by upload_proc.cgi #--------------------------------------- sub get_file { my $filename = shift; my $query = cgi_query(); return 0 unless defined $filename; my $fh = $query->upload( $filename ); if( $fh ) { rename("${filename}.csv", "${filename}.old.csv"); # open for writing open(DATA,">${filename}.csv") or die "Can't create ${filename} +.csv ($!)\n"; while( <$fh> ) { print DATA; # write the file out } close(DATA); return 1; # successful return # there must be a CGI error } else { my ($errstr) = $query->cgi_error; if ($errstr) { print "CGI error($filename): $errstr<br>\n"; } else { print "CGI nodata($filename)<br>\n"; } return 0; } }

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Re: Uploading a file
by Corion (Patriarch) on May 17, 2009 at 15:04 UTC
    ... upload_file($cgi->param('file_data')); ... my $fh = $query->upload( $filename );

    You're not properly using CGI::upload(). upload() takes the parameter name, not the parameter value. So, by changing it into the following, it could start to work:

    my $fh = $query->upload( 'file_data' );

    But then again, you could maybe work some more on your code or error messages.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you once again!