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i am a programmer for the columbia center for new media teaching and learning. i've studied physics at bates college, computer engineering at columbia university, and chinese at nanjing university.

most of my experience and knowledge is related to database backed dynamic websites, website management and authoring tools, cryptography, and bioinformatics: perl, python, java, xsl, c, c++, ml, forth, sql (i postgresql), GNU/linux, xml (cocoon rocks my world), xhtml, dhtml, user interface design and limited graphic design.

WaSP member.

i use emacs and vim.

my main area of interest and research is in wearable computing and, in particular, user interface design as applied to wearable computing and informed by ubiquitous computing/calm technology.

favorite blades on my swiss-army chainsaw:

my homepage:
my weblog:

i am available for freelance work.