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If it pleases your Holiness, I shall comment from my lowly station.

I rarely downvote any post. Normally, it is only identify blatant, background noise with no information content. I believe that downvoting should be used sparingly but, stay in my quiver to help police the tranquil state of the Monastary. I do, however, see a solution to weeding out those who would disrupt our goal to mass among the wise.

Could we not institute a penalty for posting a predetermined threshhold of negative votes per time period? This would help purge our hallowed halls of deep contemplation. I advocate a loss of one level per 10 downvotes in a week. Or, even better, the downvote of a low ranking soul, such as myself, count for less than one of enlightened rank. Perhaps 1/5 of a vote.

Many thanks O' brethren for considering my post. Blessed are those who code......
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