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kelan's scratchpad

by kelan (Deacon)
on Jun 02, 2004 at 13:12 UTC ( [id://359400]=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Typing Haskell

I've recently begun learning Haskell. This is my first foray into functional programming, and I must say it's fascinating. However, I had some trouble getting a good grasp on Haskell's typing system. The differences between types, type classes, type instances, type constructors, and data constructors, when to use each, and even just a good idea of what each of them are, did not want to sink in. I went through A Gentle Introduction to Haskell as my basic intro to the language, and was satisfied with the things I could do right away. But finding a good, easy to understand tutorial or explanation on the different aspects of the type system was eluding me. Then I found a link to "Tour of the Haskell Syntax" under the "Learning Haskell" page. It's written as a quick reference on the actual language syntax, with brief explanations of each rule. The section labelled "Data Types" gives a nice simple and straightfoward description of how data types are setup and used, and helped me get the glimmer of insight I needed.

Edited 2005-01-09
Added 2004-12-13


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Odd Ball Challenge
{- Given the number of weighings, prints instructions to solve the foll +owing riddle: You have (3^N - 3) / 2 identical looking objects, one of which is +lighter or heavier than the others (but you don't know which). In N weighi +ngs, determine which is the odd one, and whether it is lighter or heavi +er. -} module Main where import IO import System.Environment main :: IO () main = do args <- getArgs let w :: Int w = read $ head args -- number of weighings l = labels w -- list of object labels n = length l -- number of objects you can use putStr $ " You can find the odd one out of " ++ show n ++ " objects wit +h " ++ show w ++ " weighings, as follows:\n\n"++ " 1. Assign the following \"magic number\" labels to the objec +ts:\n" ++ " " ++ unwords l ++ "\n\n" ++ " 2. Keep track of two strings of numbers, LIGHT and HEAVY.\n\ +n" ++ " 3. Record weighing results as follows:\n" ++ " If pans balance, append 1 to both LIGHT and HEAVY.\n" ++ " If left side is lighter, append 0 to LIGHT and 2 to HEAVY.\ +n" ++ " If right side is lighter, append 2 to LIGHT and 0 to HEAVY. +\n\n" ++ " 4. Perform weighings in this order:\n" ++ weighingOrder 1 w ++ "\n" ++ " 5. After " ++ show w ++ " weighings, either LIGHT or HEAVY w +ill " ++ "match one of the object labels. That object is the odd one, a +nd " ++ "its fault is shown by whether LIGHT or HEAVY matched.\n" weighingOrder :: Int -> Int -> String weighingOrder current total = " #" ++ show current ++ ":\n" ++ " Left : " ++ unwords (weighing current total '0') ++ "\n" ++ " Right: " ++ unwords (weighing current total '2') ++ "\n" ++ if current == total then "" else weighingOrder (current+1) total weighing i w lr = filter (\l -> l !! (i-1) == lr) $ labels w labels = filter (isValidLabel) . labelsOfLength -- if entire string is the same character, or it's a bad sequence, -- this label is not valid isValidLabel l = not $ or [ allSame l, badSequence l ] allSame l@(x:_) = l == (replicate (length l) x) badSequence [] = True badSequence (x:[]) = False badSequence (x:y:ys) = if x == y then badSequence (y:ys) else badChange x y where badChange '0' '1' = False badChange '1' '2' = False badChange '2' '0' = False badChange _ _ = True -- list of all strings of length n consisting of '0', '1', and '2' labelsOfLength n = foldr ($) [""] ( replicate n $ cartesia "012" ) -- Gives the cartesion product of a list and a list of lists cartesia :: [a] -> [[a]] -> [[a]] cartesia xs = concat . map ( \ys -> map ( \x -> ys ++ [x] ) xs )

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