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gopalr's scratchpad

by gopalr (Priest)
on Nov 26, 2004 at 09:13 UTC ( #410532=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

use Mail::Sendmail; print "Testing Mail::Sendmail version $Mail::Sendmail::VERSION\n"; print "Default server: $Mail::Sendmail::mailcfg{smtp}->[0]\n"; print "Default sender: $Mail::Sendmail::mailcfg{from}\n"; %mail = ( #To => 'No to field this time, only Bcc and Cc', From => '', Bcc => '', # only addresses are extracted from Bcc, real names disregarded Cc => ',senthilkumar.k@integras', # Cc will appear in the header. (Bcc will not) Subject => 'HELLO FRIENDS', 'X-Mailer' => "Mail::Sendmail version $Mail::Sendmail::VERSION", ); $mail{Smtp} = ''; # $mail{'X-custom'} = 'My custom additionnal header'; $mail{'mESSaGE : '} = ' Hi Friends, I would like to meet you both of You. When shall we meet. Bye!!! Take Care!!! Yours Lovingly, Kathleen Dooty. '; # cheat on the date: $mail{Date} = Mail::Sendmail::time_to_date( time() - 86400 ); if (sendmail %mail) { print "Mail sent OK.\n" } else { print "Error sending mail: $Mail::Sendmail::error \n" } print "\n\$Mail::Sendmail::log says:\n", $Mail::Sendmail::log;
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