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chanakya's scratchpad

by chanakya (Friar)
on Feb 18, 2005 at 04:46 UTC ( #432179=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

DBI recipes
References quick reference
old obfu tricks revealed
Tutorial: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Is there a way to lock arrays?
Reliable asynchronous processing
values from perl to sh script
Map: The Basics
iterating a hash of (complex?) arrays
What is "Schwarzian Transform" (aka Schwartzian)
How to find path for current module?
Not Exactly a Hash Tutorial
The fine art of database programming
The Dynamic Duo --or-- Holy Getopt::Long, Pod::UsageMan!
A guide to installing modules for Win32
Re: How can I visualize my complex data structure?
Algorithm for cancelling common factors between two lists of multiplicands
Stepping up from XML::Simple to XML::LibXML
How A Function Becomes Higher Order
Security techniques every programmer should know
Index of Spreadsheet FAQs
Enabling GUI Debugging under Mod_Perl
Autogenerate Test Scripts
QandASection: HTTP and FTP clients
How to make a CPAN Module Distribution
Writing Solid CPAN Modules
Find images regardless of filetype extension.
Automatically add all defined functions to your @EXPORT
Perl White Magic - Special Variables and Command Line Switches
rsync with Gtk2 progressbar
How many addresses between two IPs?
Download yahoo mail
Perl RSS aggregator
Perl Missile Defense with Radar
Why don't my <<HERE documents work?
Re: How can I visualize my complex data structure?
Handling huge BLOB fields with DBI and MySQL
Re: How do I validate a date?
Renumbering tests
Re: how can i find number of days in a given year and month
CGI progress information using Javascript
Complex sorting
intro to references
References quick reference
Running CPAN without Being root
Creating COM and DCOM objects with Perl
Using Tk::ProgressBar
Re: How can I visualize my complex data structure?
Perl Idioms Explained - my $string = do { local $/; <FILEHANDLE> };
Tk and FTP with progress bars.
Getting Matching Items From An Array
Interesting line which I read from Monk's snippets
Mirror/Copy Mozilla thunderbird emails to IMAP server
Re: How can I assign the elements in an array to only the key values in a hash?
Is this a secure way to prevent cookie tampering
Verify web proxy servers at
Physical memory on remote machine
Converting an array of hashrefs into a hashref of arrays
controlling child processes
creating empty utf8 file
PERL and MS-SQL Server 2000
Active Directory DC and OU
DBI recipes
Rounding off numbers
QandASection: programs and processes
A Guide to Installing Modules
More efficient way to get unseen IMAP messages
Calculate Age, days to next and days from last for a given birthday
Don't Use Regular Expressions To Parse IP Addresses!
A program that really makes waves
Simple Module Tutorial
Finding Drive usage info with Win32
Running Win32::OLe on Remote machine
Using a hash reference in a regular expression
Howto get the first day of the week by week number
CSV table diff utility
building a hash of hashes with constant keys
Dynamically building a hash of hashes
A better way to split CSV files with quoted strings that may contain commas?
How do I sort a file with IP Addresses and another text column?
extracting all possible n-mers from an array
Getting an Array Reference Into an Array
Using Perl to create XML
Append in XML using perl
Parsing record into hash
The Uniqueness of hashes.
Not Exactly a Hash Tutorial
intro to references
References quick reference
Prime number generator
Re: Real Life Perl Exercises
Resorting to Sorting
Tk-front-end-to videos
Database Programming
Re: Real Life Perl Exercises
Introducing Apache2::ASP
Perl Special Variables Quick Reference
RFC: Machine Learning Development with Perl
How scalars work (about numbers, text strings, and binary strings)
How scalars work (about numbers, text strings, and binary strings)
More on hex pack/unpack
Perl Idioms Explained - my $count = () = /.../g
Perl Privvies
REALLY Private Methods in perl: Is Perl Flexible enough to be made Inflexible?
Re: Howto keep private methods private?
DBI recipes
Perl Idioms Explained
Neat Debugger tricks
How scalars work (about numbers, text strings, and binary strings)
(RFC) Arrays: A Tutorial/Reference
Re: How to de-reference a coderef? (B tricks)
Using Look-ahead and Look-behind
Getting Locations using Distance
Active Directory DC and OU
(tye)Re2: Finding all Combinations
Unable to remove ^M in the file
Perl ORM comparison (Class::DBI vs. DBIx::Class vs. Rose::DB::Object)
Sharing DBI handler between several modules
DBI, fork, and clone.
Exercises on PERL
How can I visualize my complex data structure?
Perl Object Oriented Meta-Tutorial
Challenge: Optimal Bagels Strategy
Mentoring in Open Source Communities
Fun with floating points
Using WWW::Selenium To Test Or Automate An Ajax Website
Perl Frameworks
Create a MS Access database programmatically in perl
Overwriting an excel file
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