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In addition, this would be a valuable resource that would draw other developers to the Perl community. At first, they would not nescesarily be here for the Perl, but it would expose them to it. Would that not be a good thing?
Eh, no. Just watch slashdot whenever someone happens to mention something about Perl. Many programmers who mainly use language X will balk when being exposed to language Y. Just look at the typical reaction of Perl programmers when languages like Java or Python are mentioned. You will get a lot of "rooting for my language/degrading other languages" discussions if your intention is to draw crowds from other languages to

Not that I worry that it will happen a lot, but that's because I don't think you will get many non-Perl developers to a corner of perlmonks. I wouldn't go to Java or C++ websites to discuss general developer issues, though I might go to neutral grounds.