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Perl worshipper with a thirst for Nowledge! I want to know how to do it NOW!
Patiently copy all nodes other Monks offer or point me to into my brain without getting nose bleeds during uploads.
Help newer initiates with simple and direct answers to questions to the best of my ability.
Offer helpful suggestions so the Monastery can be an even more friendly place for new users to learn Perl.
"The world is again my oyster now that I've found Perl!"
"Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way!" Ted Turner
"Too much of a good thing is wonderful!" The Crest at Pinus Estate
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abigail, bikeNomad, blakem, footpad, grinder, japhy, jcwren, Masem, merlyn, Ovid, runrig, tachyon, tilly, tye

Thanks to vroom, EDC and others for the Perl Monks website!
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