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Re: What technical benfits perl offers over python + few more questions.

by perlfan (Vicar)
on Nov 13, 2021 at 16:26 UTC ( #11138785=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What technical benfits perl offers over python + few more questions.

Higher Order Perl (1) has become the classic work on functional Perl (and it's free).

> I am not dissing Python, it is a great language

Python programmers are generally a self-loathing lot. I have never met anyone who loves Python like what you see in Perl, Ruby, or even PHP. Their "virtualenv" is also a cruel joke. Python 2 or 3? Please. Perl has least been robust enough to thrwart off such attempts at balkinization: Perl 6, Perl 7, One-Way-To-Perl-OOP, etc.

My general response when it comes to "Perl or Python" is pretty well summed in my reply to a recent thread, Re: What's Perl good at or better than Python.. There are other good replies to that OP.

> Most Monks here have played with and professionally used more than 1 language, and I think Python would be a part of that gamut.

I avoid Python at all costs. Why? Mainly because, unlike with Perl, the scripts rarely find longevity or age well. Perl has its crust, but most journeymen who carry a toolbox of Perl scripts find it safe to assume they can use their scripts (or modules) pretty much anywhere.

> How is the job market for Perl? Is it really low in demand like how a lot of articles/videos say on the internet?

No, lies! However, I must warn you against entertaining job postings that require 50 years experience with PERL. Impossible I say! You make your own demand. Perl is an essential skill that will either lead you to or be part of a journey to Unix Wizardry. It's up there with sed, awk, and ed - no wonder Perl is simultaneously all of them and none of them (2).

Learn Perl. Join the remnant. We are strong even if silent and mostly content to keep things running while the kids play with their fads like python and javascript - and the handful of useful applications that depend on them (mailmain, 80% of new websites, etc).

Finally, I'd like to point out that Python was only ever a thing due to MASSIVE corporate and gub't funding. Google and Apple are even trying to kill this cancer; OTOH Apple literally can't remove perl from Mac OS base and FreeBSD just doubled down on some reliance on Perl with their very recent move to git after being in subversion forever.

(updated, added references)


  2. e.g.,

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