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Re^3: plack psgi vs mojolicious

by erickp (Acolyte)
on Feb 09, 2023 at 16:53 UTC ( #11150272=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: plack psgi vs mojolicious
in thread plack psgi

yes, looks more and more like the way to go...I might just do that.

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Re^4: plack psgi vs mojolicious
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 09, 2023 at 17:31 UTC

    Mojolicious::Lite is absolutely superb for rapidly developing single-file CGI scripts / persistent webapps with embedded templates. With no CPAN dependencies it should definitely be a Perl core module, for the same reason CGI was core for 18 years. Web is still the killer app!

      "With no CPAN dependencies it should definitely be a Perl core module"

      The releases are frequent, probably best just to install the latest release rather than bundle as part of the core IMHO.

        probably best just to install the latest release rather than bundle as part of the core

        18 years of core CGI, the success of The Python Standard Library, and the failure of Perl to maintain relevance (let alone its former dominance) indicates that you are catastrophically wrong.

        Structured Markup Processing Tools
            html  HyperText Markup Language support
            html.parser  Simple HTML and XHTML parser
            html.entities  Definitions of HTML general entities
            XML Processing Modules
            xml.etree.ElementTree  The ElementTree XML API
            xml.dom  The Document Object Model API
            xml.dom.minidom  Minimal DOM implementation
            xml.dom.pulldom  Support for building partial DOM trees
            xml.sax  Support for SAX2 parsers
            xml.sax.handler  Base classes for SAX handlers
            xml.sax.saxutils  SAX Utilities
            xml.sax.xmlreader  Interface for XML parsers
            xml.parsers.expat  Fast XML parsing using Expat
        Internet Protocols and Support
            webbrowser  Convenient web-browser controller
            wsgiref  WSGI Utilities and Reference Implementation
            urllib  URL handling modules
            urllib.request  Extensible library for opening URLs
            urllib.response  Response classes used by urllib
            urllib.parse  Parse URLs into components
            urllib.error  Exception classes raised by urllib.request
            urllib.robotparser  Parser for robots.txt
            http  HTTP modules
            http.client  HTTP protocol client
            ftplib  FTP protocol client
            poplib  POP3 protocol client
            imaplib  IMAP4 protocol client
            smtplib  SMTP protocol client
            uuid  UUID objects according to RFC 4122
            socketserver  A framework for network servers
            http.server  HTTP servers
            http.cookies  HTTP state management
            http.cookiejar  Cookie handling for HTTP clients
            xmlrpc  XMLRPC server and client modules
            xmlrpc.client  XML-RPC client access
            xmlrpc.server  Basic XML-RPC servers
            ipaddress  IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library

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