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berrybrew installation

by Cow1337killr (Monk)
on Feb 12, 2017 at 02:18 UTC ( #1181772=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Cow1337killr has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I want to try out berrybrew, but I am getting confused regarding the details of the installation.

Where do I go on the Internet to download the file?

When I download the file, it will appear in my Downloads directory in My Documents directory.

I use 7-Zip. What do I do next?

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Re: berrybrew installation
by stevieb (Canon) on Feb 12, 2017 at 02:56 UTC

    Hi Cow1337killr,

    Disclaimer: Current berrybrew maintainer here.

    "Where do I go on the Internet to download the file?"

    Per the Installation portion of the documentation, you get it from here (this is the master cut... it'll always be up-to-date). You then want to compare that fetch against the SHA-1 sum that is posted next to the download link in the Installation section I mentioned above.

    When you download the archive (zip) file, you want to extract it to anywhere on your system, except for C:\berrybrew. We hijack that directory for internal purposes (in the future, this won't be forced. In fact, it can be changed... see here). After you've extracted the file, change into that directory, and then initialize berrybrew:

    cd berrybrew bin\berrybrew.exe config

    You need to close your cmd window here, as Windows doesn't update its environment variables live-time in the way it is needed here. Then, open a new one.


    berrybrew install 5.24.1_64 berrybrew switch 5.24.1_64

    Kill current cmd window, open a new one, and:

    perl -v

    Now you can confirm you're operating on the proper version you selected, and you can go ahead and create stuff, and when executed, it'll run on the proper Perl installation.

      O.K. Thank you. I am going to try it now.

      Strawberry Perl (32bit) (i.e., 5.24.1_32) is not in the list of available Strawberry Perl versions.

        Could you kindly provide the command you specified that generated that error message?

      Hi stevieb,

      if I already have a portable Strawberry Perl und install berrybrew - can I just move portable Perl to C:\berrybrew or I have to install this version again under berrybrew?

      Thank you!

        If you have version 1.13+, you can copy it in, and use berrybrew register to register it. If you don't have that version, copy the directory, then edit the data/perls_custom.json file in the berrybrew installation directory, and make it look something like (where ver: is the actual version number as downloaded):

        [ { "name": "whatever_you_want", "url": "", "file": "", "csum": "", "ver": "5.22.3" } ]

        If you have existing custom perls, then that needs to be appended to the others. This new version will then be considered a legit "custom" version.

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