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Re: Cross Platform end of Line characters

by adamk (Chaplain)
on Aug 03, 2003 at 04:37 UTC ( #280399=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Cross Platform end of Line characters

My normal method for fixing this is to slurp the entire file in using something like.

sub slurp { my $file = shift or return undef; local $/ = undef; open( FOO, $file ) or return undef; my $buffer = <FOO>; close FOO; return \$buffer; }
(The return by refence is just there to avoid copying large files more times than is needed)

Once it's in split it by hand using my handy dandy "works for any platform" regex.
my $content = slurp( $file ) or die "Failed to load file"; my @lines = split /(?:\015\012|\015|\012)/, $$content;
And we are done. The important bit here is (?:\015\012|\015|\012), which works everywhere. In fact, it will even work for "broken" files that somehow got multiple types of newlines in a single file. And note the order of the three newlines IS important.

Other things you can do with it is to "fix" newlines for the "current" platform using.
$$content =~ s/(?:\015\012|\015|\012)/\n/g;

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