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Re: Preferred method of documentation?

by l3nz (Friar)
on Oct 07, 2004 at 06:27 UTC ( #397236=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Preferred method of documentation?

I more or less agree with what has been said in this thread; thchnical documentation is definitely important (and I'd use POD, so you get nicely formatted document in no time).

What usually lacks in other peopole docs is the "why": you find a lot of information on all possible API calls but very few on why the module was developed and on the general problem space it was trying to solve.

Simple quick-and-dirty usage examples also help get started. (For a good exaple of documentation, see the LWP cookbook - firts you get started, then you read the docs when you try to do fancier things).

Simple things should be easy, and documentation should help.

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