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Thanks for the responses

by thaigrrl (Monk)
on Feb 15, 2001 at 22:44 UTC ( #58680=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to JAPH and Perl Monks

I just wanted to put out a big "THANK YOU" to everyone for being so responsive to my plea. PM has actually become one of my secret sites of obsession, coming back to check up on responses to my posts and seeing if I could ever possibly aide someone with their problems (very rare). When I say "secret sites of obsession" I mean, it really is a secret - noone knows at work that I come here in fear that they may sniff me out :) and find out that I'm not actually working. I'm sure that they are keeping a log somewhere and really do know but as far as I know they are unaware of my name Thaigrrrrl... But now that I think of it they might know who I am just from that nickname....

Back on track here, sorry about that. I really want to write a JAPH now - since you all have convinced me how it sort of is a rite of passage. And I really feel that I'm not trying too hard. I just want to give it a shot, can't hurt in doing that.

I wish that I could call myself a Perl expert but I don't know a thing about writing threads in Perl - I know the theory but have yet to conquer the programming aspect. And I am a lost child when it comes to regex. (also I blame this on laziness because I don't spend enough time to figure it out myself).. At work I have turned into a robot, outputting perl modules that don't even challenge my abilities anymore.

I'll tell you why I frequent Perl Monks. I really had to think about it. I come here because:

  • during work I like to do a little chat in the chatterbox with people. - mainly as a form of escape from the redundance of being a robot ;)
  • because I get this sense of belonging. Everyone else here likes Perl just like me if not more.
  • because vroom likes Primus! (primus sucks!!!)
  • because so far everyone has been really nice to me
  • and it's fun to post advice - makes me feel SMART!

theorbtwo: fixed link -- thaigrrl has been renamed. (2004-05-12)

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