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Bigtop and Gantry update

by philcrow (Priest)
on Jun 29, 2007 at 18:00 UTC ( #624128=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Gantry is yet another web framework. Bigtop is a language for describing web applications and a pluggable system for generating applications from those descriptions, then regenerating replacement code as the description changes. You can write backends to make it generate anything you desire. I am looking for people familiar with other frameworks who would like to put Bigtop to work for their framework. Please let me know if you want to start work on backends for your framework.

I went to YAPC this week, though I was in too much people overload by Wednesday noon to attend the monks lunch BOF.

In honor of YAPC, I completed Bigtop release 0.29 late last week. Most of the releases this year have been incremental and this one was no different. Among the improvements is that the generated CGI is now immediately deployable if you adjust permissions correctly.

I also gave a YAPC talk about Gantry and Bigtop. You are welcome to view the slides.

On June 14, onlamp published a brief article about using Bigtop to generate a three table application in basically the time it takes to order lunch. There is a corresponding screen cast (quicktime format, lasting 3 minutes) on the web site.

There is also a revised version of the Gantry book. (See the link in my sig. Same link, updated book, hooray lulu.) If you bought a copy of version 1.0, please send me private email so I can send you an updated PDF. The web site has an errata describing the changes.


Update: Corrected recent bigtop version current is 0.29.

The Gantry Web Framework Book is now available.

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