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Re: Listing the functions of a package / methods of an object

by clinton (Priest)
on Jul 15, 2008 at 14:43 UTC ( #697732=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Listing the functions of a package / methods of an object

You don't specify, but if what you're after is a debugging tool, rather than something that you want to integrate into other code, then use the Perl debugger:

perl -d -MDBI -e 5 > $d = DBI->new(); > m $d # or just "m DBI"

This returns:

CLONE DBIpp_cm_XX DBIpp_cm_br DBIpp_cm_cs DBIpp_cm_dd DBIpp_cm_dw DBIpp_cm_hs DBIpp_ph_XX DBIpp_ph_cn DBIpp_ph_cs DBIpp_ph_qm DBIpp_ph_sp DBIpp_st_XX DBIpp_st_bs DBIpp_st_qq SQL_ALL_TYPES SQL_ARRAY SQL_ARRAY_LOCATOR SQL_BIGINT SQL_BINARY SQL_BIT SQL_BLOB SQL_BLOB_LOCATOR SQL_BOOLEAN SQL_CHAR SQL_CLOB SQL_CLOB_LOCATOR SQL_CURSOR_DYNAMIC SQL_CURSOR_FORWARD_ONLY SQL_CURSOR_KEYSET_DRIVEN SQL_CURSOR_STATIC SQL_CURSOR_TYPE_DEFAULT SQL_DATE SQL_DATETIME SQL_DECIMAL SQL_DOUBLE SQL_FLOAT SQL_GUID SQL_INTEGER SQL_INTERVAL SQL_INTERVAL_DAY SQL_INTERVAL_DAY_TO_HOUR SQL_INTERVAL_DAY_TO_MINUTE SQL_INTERVAL_DAY_TO_SECOND SQL_INTERVAL_HOUR SQL_INTERVAL_HOUR_TO_MINUTE SQL_INTERVAL_HOUR_TO_SECOND SQL_INTERVAL_MINUTE SQL_INTERVAL_MINUTE_TO_SECOND SQL_INTERVAL_MONTH SQL_INTERVAL_SECOND SQL_INTERVAL_YEAR SQL_INTERVAL_YEAR_TO_MONTH SQL_LONGVARBINARY SQL_LONGVARCHAR SQL_MULTISET SQL_MULTISET_LOCATOR SQL_NUMERIC SQL_REAL SQL_REF SQL_ROW SQL_SMALLINT SQL_TIME SQL_TIMESTAMP SQL_TINYINT SQL_TYPE_DATE SQL_TYPE_TIME SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIMEZONE SQL_TYPE_TIME_WITH_TIMEZONE SQL_UDT SQL_UDT_LOCATOR SQL_UNKNOWN_TYPE SQL_VARBINARY SQL_VARCHAR SQL_WCHAR SQL_WLONGVARCHAR SQL_WVARCHAR _clone_dbis _concat_hash_sorted _dbtype_names _debug_dispatch _get_imp_data _handles _install_method _load_class _new_dbh _new_drh _new_handle _new_sth _rebless _rebless_dbtype_subclass _set_isa _setup_handle _svdump available_drivers bootstrap connect connect_cached connect_test_perf constant data_diff data_sources data_string_desc data_string_diff dbi_profile dbi_profile_merge dbi_profile_merge_nodes dbi_time disconnect disconnect_all driver dump_dbd_registry dump_handle dump_results err errstr hash init_rootclass install_driver installed_drivers installed_methods installed_versions internal looks_like_number neat neat_list parse_dsn parse_trace_flag parse_trace_flags set_err setup_driver trace trace_msg via Exporter: as_heavy via Exporter: export via Exporter: export_fail via Exporter: export_ok_tags via Exporter: export_tags via Exporter: export_to_level via Exporter: import via Exporter: require_version via DynaLoader: AUTOLOAD via DynaLoader: boot_DynaLoader via DynaLoader: bootstrap_inherit via DynaLoader: croak via DynaLoader: dl_error via DynaLoader: dl_find_symbol via DynaLoader: dl_install_xsub via DynaLoader: dl_load_file via DynaLoader: dl_load_flags via DynaLoader: dl_undef_symbols via DynaLoader: dl_unload_file via UNIVERSAL: DOES via UNIVERSAL: VERSION via UNIVERSAL: can via UNIVERSAL: isa

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