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Re: How To Ask A Question (Simple English) (RFC)

by doom (Deacon)
on Aug 15, 2009 at 03:56 UTC ( #788821=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How To Ask A Question (Simple English) (RFC)

Not bad, but it's a little long to expect that the people who need to read it are actually going to read it. We were discussing the problem on the list, and decided to try to keep it as brief as we could:
how to ask perl questions

Still, this node is much better than ESR's: Asking Questions the Smart Way

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Re^2: How To Ask A Question (Simple English) (RFC)
by jrtayloriv (Pilgrim) on Aug 17, 2009 at 21:36 UTC
    I do agree with you that many people will not take the time to read it, in its current state. But I don't think that it is too long -- I just think it needs to be reorganized

    I would put a very concise bulleted list of the most important items at the top, and then go into more detail about each item below (and I would go into more detail on several of the items).

    Something like this --

  • Read the forum rules before you post -- take a look at the PerlMonks FAQ and the The Perl Monks Guide to the Monastery

  • Search before you ask -- Have you searched Google and used Super Search to try to find an answer?

  • Carefully explain your problem -- post your code, and any errors you are getting when attempting to run it

  • If your question is short and simple, use the chatterbox

  • Always use strict and warnings in the code you are posting

  • Preview your post -- check for errors and make sure you've provided all necessary information

  • Don't change your question after you post it. Post a comment on your own question

  • Be patient -- your question will get answered, we promise

  • -- should be at the top, followed by a more detailed section dedicated to each one.

    This way, people who are just scanning the rules will get the most important points before their attention wavers.

    Otherwise, this is an excellent guide -- good work!


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