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Re^2: I prefer to wear...

by monktim (Friar)
on Oct 19, 2004 at 13:20 UTC ( #400507=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: I prefer to wear...
in thread I prefer to wear...

I got down voted for boxer briefs?! Wow. I guess someone really has a problem with them. I find that extremely funny :). The coverage of a boxer with the support of a brief, what's not to like?

Jeez, even my underwear gets down voted. Tough crowd.

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Re^3: I prefer to wear...
by been42 (Curate) on Oct 19, 2004 at 16:27 UTC
    I was also looking for boxer briefs and couldn't find them so I just went with boxers (on the poll, not in the store). Boxer briefs are the greatest innovation in men's underwear since the "commando" option. In case someone downvoted you because they don't know what they are: Boxer briefs are like boxers, only tighter and more elastic-y. Advantages over boxers include:
    • you can put your pants on without having to pull your underwear back down around your legs
    • if you're wearing shorts, the wind won't blow up them and freeze you
    • they don't have that big open hole in the front that makes it embarrassing to take your pants off when the doctor is trying to look at your leg
    • my wife likes them better
    The last reason is why I started wearing them in the first place. They were a Christmas gift from my wife, and I liked them so much that I bought more. It's not like guys have that many underwear options, so it's nice to find something new that actually works.
      If you suffer from heat rash, "tighter" ne "better". As for the other advantages:
      • Agreed.
      • Not a problem if you live in the deep south.
      • Modesty has its time/place but he/she is a doctor for pete's sake.
      • Fine for the bedroom (or other recreational areas) but health comes first.
Re^3: I prefer to wear...
by Jasper (Chaplain) on Oct 19, 2004 at 13:26 UTC
    Aren't trunks boxer briefs? I think someone must despair at you not knowing all the terminology for your preferred underwear.

    Either that or it's just random voting.

    I'm apalled that the trunks category wasn't split into trunks with a button fly, and trunks without. I have downvoted the whole world in protest.
      Are boxer briefs a subset of trunks? Hmm, the package (no pun intended) only had boxer briefs written on it.

      I think we have a new holy war.

      It must be time for a wardrobe change when your underwear is voted worst node of the day. ROTFL!

      Since we're getting picky here, I'm surprised boxers (and other similar styles) are not categorized as "butt-crack seamed" and "butt-crack seamless".
Re^3: I prefer to wear...
by mexnix (Pilgrim) on Oct 20, 2004 at 14:26 UTC
    At first I was a little bewildered as to what to choose, but I recently bought some "boxer briefs" that were labeled "trunks" so that's what I chose. I think they are the same thing, but I don't really keep up with underwear terms..

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